ORGANIC saunas are a return to nature in the company of Alpine hay, leaves and greenery.


Creation GLAMOR is the queen of elegance in three noble scenes: the dazzling brilliance of diamond, golden classic and marble in the lead role. He seduces with his charm and ornaments, taking you on a journey to the stars, full of magical reflections.





Particularly noteworthy is the URBAN line, where the main role is played by the stove from the S-Line collection with stones of regular shapes. The ovens ensure safe and fast heating of the sauna, and the radiators provide full IR-A, IR-B, IR-C power in less than 1 second. In this concept, created by Paweł Klamann, we will find three versions of BLACK, WHITE and GRAY. 

URBAN is in our understanding something pure and minimalistic. Glazing and lighting add urban style. The walls have a deeply fluted wood structure, but in white-black, gray or gray. The decorative wall was covered with plywood with a layer of thin slate. A unique proposition for lovers of urban, raw style.


SCANDI creation is simplicity and functionality designed by an interior designer so that you feel extremely comfortable and can match the elements of the sauna to your individual needs. From today you will have everything at hand. Sauna that changes along with your expectations. By using horizontally mounted 3D panels, the visual effect of the line has been enhanced.

We create the ASENSO brand in harmony with nature. We associate saunas with some holiness and mysticism. Our sauna collections are designed to allow you to tailor the design to the one in your environment. We want you to feel safe and after crossing the threshold can relax and leave all worries except the sauna.

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